I Love My Life.

December 6th, 2012 - Ashley


This evening I was putting away dishes in our kitchen, the radio burbling in the background and warm light spilling out onto our deck.  Suddenly, while reaching to put a wine glass on the top shelf, I was hit with this huge wave of gratitude.  I thought, "I love my life!"  Seeing as how it's the time of year to give thanks (although I believe we should do this on a daily basis) I wanted to take a moment to wax poetic about everything I am so immensely thankful for.  So, in no particular order, I am unspeakably grateful for:

My health, my body and everything that it does for me, our home and this wonderful space in which we create, live and grow, my unendingly supportive, loving, fun family, my beyond-fantastic partner, roommate and best friend (and SoggyRoots co-author) Justin who is the kind, funny, supportive, talented, handsome, intelligent man I've always hoped I'd find, my friends, without whom I'd be nothing and nowhere, this amazing land that I call home and all that it has to offer, access to real, local, good food, our community and the support and love they provide, and finally, the opportunity to do something that I LOVE, unequivocally and totally, for a living; I cannot begin to express how lucky and grateful that makes me feel every day.

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Getting Out In It

December 1st, 2012 - Ashley

We've had some wild weather around here lately.  Huge raging fronts moving in off the ocean bringing howling wind and pelting rain, quickly followed by bursts of sunshine and that beautiful yet eery orange evening light that only accompanies storms.  In between downpours we've gotten out for a few hikes to survey the damage and have some adventures.  There is something I really love about getting out into the middle of some serious weather here in Oregon; it makes me feel alive and in the moment and part of something big.




I'm off... Around the world that is to Bhutan. I am shooting adventure travel for longtime client, O.A.R.S. Little bit o' culture, trekking, rafting and maybe even a ride on an elephant. Fingers crossed. As with all their trips, it should be amazing. I've never traveled this far, so I am pretty excited. I'm excited to just create and work on photos for three weeks straight. I'm excited to go to a country that cares more about gross national happiness than gross national income. I'm excited to experience a different world.