River restoration and friends.

We have a good friend who recently started working with a non profit called the River Network, which patners with Freshwaters Illustrated. They put together this really fun and illustrative video piece about restoring habitat for salmon and other aquatic critters in Oregon's Rivers. This short video is part of a larger forthcoming film, Willamette Futures, which we'll share with y'all when it comes out as well. Check it out when you have a couple minutes.

Ashley's Week in Photos

January 23rd, 2013 - Ashley

A few moments I captured from the last week or so:

- Foggy evening photo excursion with Justin's friend Ben who was visiting, to check out the huge swell that rolled in.

-  Veggie drawings in progress for my bad ass friend Kate's seed company.

-  A frosty early morning walk.

- An amazing Birds of Chicago house show in Portland with my folks, followed by breakfast hang time with the one and only Caroline.