Soggy Roots is about our life, lived here in the Pacific Northwest. This blog is intended to be fertile ground for us to cultivate ideas and dreams, sharing our life, our work and what inspires us. This will be an unfolding collage about a place, a love of food, art and community. About home and what that means to us. About trying to live a creative life.  About gathering, foraging, harvesting and eating well. About living closer to the earth. About using less and giving more. About love. Welcome.

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Ashley Mersereau is a jewelry maker and visual artist.  She runs Roots & Wings Jewelry, a small artisan line of adornment and all things sparkly.  She also dabbles in all manners of visual art, including photography, drawing and painting.

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Justin Bailie — works as a freelance commercial, editorial and fine art photographer specializing in outdoor adventure, lifestyle, environmental and food subjects — and currently has an incurable slant towards his homeland and all things Pacific Northwest. He regularly works with clients such as Backpacker, Travel Oregon, O.A.R.S., Patagonia, National Geographic and Sunset.

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